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Cala: Catch Me A Mouse Before I Meow

Chapter: Rhythm on Fire. Release on 30 Dec.

▶️Read the full story HERE!

The perception that cats are God's perfect killing machines is taken to an even higher level when Cala - the Legendary hero - enters battles. The gigantic shuriken on her back means the end of the story for every opponent she encounters.

Available for minting: 1

Package: Diamond. Including:
- In-game NFT hero of the highest skin rarity
- Right to pre-order Thetan Rivals NFTs
- Exclusive NFT with commercial rights
- Physical and digital copies of Thetan Book
- Thetan Hero Figure 12cm
- Limited Edition Gift Box

Price: 1,800 USD
▶️Important note: The physical items will be delivered within 60 days and available only for the primary buyer that purchases from the official Thetan Arena account on OpenSea.

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Purchase the package on and fill in the form to receive the items.

Available for minting : 1Package :DiamondPrice :1800 USD
Price :1800 USD
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